So much catching up to do…

Well, the Oscars came and went last weekend. As for the fiasco of the botched Best Film award presentation, I feel rather sanguine about it now.  I was delighted to hear that LaLaLand was announced as best picture.  I really enjoyed this lovely musical.  Wistful and full of imaginative touches, I found it a wonderful escape from today’s troubles.  I loved the French musicals The Young Girls of Rochefort and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg that were major influences on this bittersweet love story.  When the mixup became apparent, I was very pleased to see that Moonlight, a truly original film that depicted the life of a young black man in Florida, had been recognized for its courageous storytelling.  In my opinion, the mixup gave both films an opportunity to be honoured.

A Documentary recommendation:

I wrote earlier this year about a wonderful documentary Score that I saw at the Naples International Film Festival.  This film will go into wide release in May, and here is an excerpt from an article from another blogger, Victoria Weisfeld, on this terrific doc:
“The heart of many a memorable motion picture is the musical score that presages, enhances, and evokes emotions as the story unfolds.

In Score, a new documentary set for wide release in May, filmmakers Kenny Holmes and Matt Schrader feature leading film music composers—including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Quincy Jones, Danny Elfman and Alexandre Desplat—who describe the extraordinary artistry and execution in crafting a memorable score.

Whether they’re talking about their contemporaries or the greats of yesteryear, the composers express a profound admiration that’s born of an intimate understanding of what makes a work groundbreaking or indelible,” wrote Sheri Linden in the Hollywood Reporter.”



In the Concert Hall

Last night we attended a concert at Artis-Naples, the local symphony hall, of The Hit Men: Legendary Performers with Frankie Valli, Carole King, Cat Stevens and More. Performing with The Naples Philharmonic Orchestra.  This was a very enjoyable evening of music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s performed by a wonderful group of journeymen entertainers.  It was a trip down memory lane for all of us baby boomers in attendance, as so many hits that we grew up with were beautifully performed.

Now, on to TV recommendations:

TV Premieres this Week

Feud airs tonight on ABC.  Directed by Ryan Murphy, it stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon as Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and is about their legendary rivalry during their collaboration on the film What Ever happened to Baby Jane.  The series explores how the two women endured ageism,sexism, and misogyny while struggling to hang on to success and fame in the twilight of their careers.

Here’s John Doyle’s article on the series:

The Arrangement airs tonight on E! Purportedly based on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Scientology marriage, the series is about TV actress Megan Morrison who is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Hollywood’s biggest star.This looks like the guilty pleasure show of the year!

Chicago Justice (which is the latest Dick Wolf show set in Chicago, following Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med) debuted this past week on NBC and episode 2 makes its regularly scheduled Sunday night appearance tonight. Although putting this very routine legal drama on the Sunday night schedule  may be very unwise (where it has to compete for an audience against the juggernaut shows of HBO, Showtime, STARZ, AMC and PBS), the show does star Philip Winchester.  This dreamily handsome guy got his start on US TV in 2008 when he starred in Crusoe, and he has since played leading roles in Strikeback and The Player as an action star.  It will be interesting to see how long this legal series will last up against some of the best shows on TV.  Sometimes you just need to watch a very handsome guy pretend to be a lawyer.

Taken premieres on NBC next Saturday night.  If you ever wondered how Liam Neeson acquired that “particular set of skills” as CIA operative Bryan Mills, here’s a picture of the action hero as a young man as former CIA agent Mills deals with a personal tragedy that shakes his world, and he fights to overcome the incident and exact revenge.

My usual obsessions:

Today my XFinity recorder gets a workout!  It can record 6 events at one time which comes in very handy when the networks insist on putting their very best offerings on at the same time, so here is my list of what I will be recording today:

9 am CBS News Sunday Morning

10 am Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN

8 pm Mercy Street on PBS

8 pm The Missing on STARZ

9 pm Big Little Lies on HBO

9 pm Homeland on SHOWTIME

9 pm Chicago Justice  (episode 2) on NBC

9 pm Victoria on Masterpiece on PBS

9 pm Black Sails on STARZ

9 pm The Walking Dead on AMC

10 pm Girls on HBO

10 pm Billions on Showtime

10 pm Feud: Bette and Joan on ABC

10 pm The Arrangement on E!

10:30 pm Crashing on HBO

11:00 pm Last Week Tonight on HBO

OK, if you’re overwhelmed at the list above (and thinking I might need some kind of TV intervention), just imagine how challenging it is to try and keep up with these shows.  I still haven’t caught up with the shows from last week as we had the great pleasure of hosting our son Jon for 10 days and had company for golf and dinner this week!

As for my other regular viewing during the week, here’s a rundown:


7:30 VICE News Tonight on HBO

8:00 24:LEGACY on FOX

10:00 Humans on AMC

11:00 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy

11:35 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS


7:30 VICE News Tonight on HBO

9:00 Outsiders on WGN

10:00 Imposters on Bravo

10:00 Chicago Justice  (episode 3) on NBC

11 and 11:35 Trevor Noah on Comedy and Stephen Colbert on CBS


7:30 VICE News Tonight on HBO

10:00 The Expanse on SyFy

10:00 Legion on FX

10:30 Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS

11 and 11:35 Noah on Comedy and Colbert on CBS


7:30 VICE News Tonight on HBO

9:00 Riverdale on the CW

9:00 Nashville on CMT

10:00 Colony on USA

11 and 11:35 Noah on Comedy and Colbert on CBS


7:30 VICE on HBO

8:00 Grimm on NBC

10:00 Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO

11:35 Colbert on CBS


9:00 Taken on NBC

11:30 Saturday Night Live on NBC

In Conclusion

Well, that was exhausting!!  Not to mention a little embarrassing, as I have disclosed the many shows I record on a daily basis.  There has been very little rain here and as a result there have been numerous brushfires north of us in the Fort Myers area.  It has been a sublime winter in Naples so far.  Very few of our golf, pickle ball and bocci games have been rained out.  In short, there has been very little cool and miserable weather suitable to staying in and hunkering down on the couch to veg out with guilty pleasure TV viewing.  I am looking forward to the opening of the new Disney live action version of Beauty and the Beast (dreamy Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey is the beast) that is going to open here in Naples on March 17.  It has had wonderful advance reviews!!  George has asked me to round up some ladyfriend volunteers to come and see it with me, so start thinking about it. Whatever your plans, have a wonderful week!





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