I have run out of breath…

I’m having a quiet Sunday. The time change (and several ensuing power outages in our community) has sent our electronics reeling, screwed up our PVR settings, made it very difficult to retrieve email, etc.  Now that things have evidently returned to normal, I am hurriedly composing this blog entry before the power fails again sending my work to oblivion!  So here goes:

Coming to the Big Screen this week

Beauty and the Beast, now a live action musical from Disney, arrives on March 17 when I will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day, so I will be seeing it at our local multiplex on March 18.  It has had rave reviews and of course, stars Dan Stevens as the Beast (Matthew Crawley from the sorely missed Downton Abbey), as well as Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson . Can’t wait!!!

New Shows

Another show that made its debut last week (which I didn’t catch until after it had aired) was Time After Time. A TV adaptation of the 1979 film with David Warner and Malcolm Macdowell which has HG Wells hurtling from Edwardian London into modern day Manhattan as he uses his time machine to try and stop Jack the Ripper from killing in present day NYC.  A ripping yarn so far, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode.  ABC on Sundays at 9 pm. Here’s what John Doyle has to say about it:


American Crime will make its Season 3 debut on ABC tonight.  This terrific series deals with difficult subjects in a very effective and engaging way.  This season will concentrate on human trafficking.  Performers from season to season include a repertory company composed of Felicity Huffman, Regina Davis, Tim Hutton, and many more.  Here’s what Deadline.com has to say about it:

‘American Crime’ Season 3 Review: John Ridley’s Anthology Series Remarkable In Scope

Trial and Error debuts on Mar 14 on NBC at 10. Starring John Lithgow, this mockumentary is about a murder suspect on trial for killing his wife and looks very funny as it is a cross between Parks and Rec and Making a Murderer.

Love from Judd Apatow returned to Netflix on Mar 10. Tales of love and woe for millennials.

Iron Fist joins the Marvel Netflix line-up on Mar. 17.


CNN Alert

Farid Zakaria GPS is my go-to expert on World Affairs every Sunday morning at 10.  On Monday night he has a special program about Vladimir Putin called The Most Powerful Man in the World.  Hopefully, more light will be cast upon the alleged influence of Russia on the American political process.

My usual obsessions

Last week I gave a rundown of my nightly PVR recordings.  I exhausted myself doing that, but if you are curious please have a look at them.  I will just highlight now some shows you may be watching that haven’t received much attention:


Homeland on Showtime at 9

Big Little Lies on HBO at 9

Feud:  Bette and Joan on FX at 10

The Arrangement on E at 10

Crashing on HBO at 10:30

Girls on HBO at 10

Billions on Showtime at 10


Humans on AMC at 10

Taken on NBC at 10


The Americans on FX at 10

Outsiders on WGN at 9

Imposters on Bravo at 10


Legion on FX at 10

Designated Survivor on ABC at 10

The Expanse on SyFy at 10

Underground on WGN at 10

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS at 10:30


 The Catch on ABC at 10

Colony on USA at 10


Grimm on NBC at 8

Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO at 10


SNL on NBC at 11:30

Comic Relief

OK, so I know it’s a stretch to say SNL hasn’t received much attention, but for comic relief don’t forget about Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Sundays at 11 on HBO, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert most weeknights at 11 and 11:30 respectively on Comedy and CBS. Trevor Noah also has a new NETFLIX special called Trevor Noah Afraid of the Dark which is a live performance on Broadway.

Concluding Words

It’s been a little smoky in Southwest Florida this past week because of brushfires and lack of rain.  The weather is supposed to cool this week and they are forecasting rain, but that is  not nearly as dire as the weather forecast for the northeast which is showing very cold temperatures and snow.  Safe driving to all my family and friends!  Enjoy the week, wherever you may be.




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