Spring has sprung…

Our garden clean-up in Thornbury is complete and we did a little spring cleaning in our master bathroom when a leak was discovered under my sink requiring trips to both Home Hardware and Home Depot.  I have purged years worth of magazines that had been accumulating in baskets scattered throughout the house.  Ahhh! A quiet feeling of satisfaction creeps in. It hasn’t been a great week for TV watching as we had some nights out with family and to actually go see a movie in a real theatre!  However, here are some of my recommendations for your week:

On the big screen

Their Finest is a wonderful British film about the WWII propaganda effort in patriotic films designed by the War Office to draw America into the war.  Delightful and touching, it is about a much simpler time.

Here’s an article from Esquire on the best movies (so far) of 2017:




I Don’t feel at home in this World anymore is an Indie film that is blackly humorous as it follows the journey of a depressed woman to avenge the burglary of her home.  Wonderful performances from Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood.


13 Reasons Why is a 13-part miniseries about the causes and effects of a teen suicide on a high school community.  Much longer than it needed to be, it did make me relive my high school years and made me feel nervous about attending my upcoming high school reunion as I still have recurring dreams about not being able to remember my locker combination and sleeping through a final exam (not to mention the going to school without underwear dream).

Riverdale will air a new episode on April 28!  Love this mysterious series.  Kind of a blackly comic version of 13 Reasons Why.

Superchannel/On Demand

National Treasure is a 4-part miniseries from the UK starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters.  In the wake of the Jimmy Saville/Bill Cosby/Bill O’Reilly scandals about TV personalities with a history of sexual assault, this series depicts a beloved comedian’s arrest and trial on sex charges.  Powerful performances, especially from Andrea Riseborough as the daughter of the comedian.


Sunday Madness


Tonight’s lineup includes a double episode of Home Fires and Wolf Hall.



Tonight’s lineup includes The Leftovers, Silicon Valley, Guerrilla, Billions, Veep and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 



American Crime follows the heartbreaking story of immigrant farm workers, sex workers, and all those around them.



The White Princess continues the story of the rise of the Tudors.


The Good Fight has its season finale tonight.

Under the Radar (shows you could be watching)

The Path (on Showcase and available by streaming) aired originally on Hulu in the US. A mysterious series about a cult.
Better Call Saul (AMC) shows Saul, Mike and now Gus all before Breaking Bad.

The Americans, Fargo and Feud (all on FX) are three great shows from a network that has slowly built into a power house of original programming. Here’s John Doyle’s article on why you should be watching Fargo:


Designated Survivor (on ABC) is actually a somewhat comforting parable about what might happen if a good man accidentally became POTUS.  Compared to the current national nightmare, this show is like a fairy tale.

Comic Relief

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy), The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS), Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Comedy), and Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) are my preferred way of catching up with the headlines these days.  I will be on the road today attending a charity function in Caledon, so I will be missing the French Election results.  Fingers crossed that Le Pen will be defeated and we will not face a Frexxit vote.

Audible.com and Podcasts

Given that we just spent a few long days on the road, we have been listening to a few podcasts and things of that nature.  We just finished Alec Baldwin’s autobiography Nevertheless on Audible.com.  A little wordy and unfunny for my tastes, that man has serious anger issues!!  From the team that originated the Serial series of NPR podcasts, we just listened to S-Town: a journalist’s account of a mysterious relationship with a man from Alabama who believed he had uncovered a murder in his awful small town.  Hypnotic (which isn’t necessarily what you want when driving), it’s a tale of obsession and madness and life in a small backwoods town.


Closing Words

It’s an absolutely beautiful spring day here in Thornbury!  Please enjoy your week regardless of whether it involves TV, movies, etc.  Get outside and play if you can!!!


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