What a week!

We spent three days in NYC last week.  We saw three wonderful plays (School of Rock, Present Laughter and Waitress).  Each play was totally enjoyable in its own way.  School of Rock is the stage adaptation by Andrew Lloyd Webber of the movie starring Jack Black.  Great energy and tunes.  Terrific performances by the child musicians as well as an incredible performance by Eric Petersen in the lead role.  How he does what he does for 8 shows a week is mystifying!  Present Laughter starred Kevin Kline in the classic Noel Coward comedy.  He is incredibly charismatic and hilariously funny as a physical comedian.  Our final show was Waitress written by Sarah Bareilles and she also stars in the show.  This touching musical is a wonderful adaptation of the original film.  A small town waitress dreams of running her own coffee shop.  While in NYC we did two great walking tours (Upper West Side and Lower East Side, went to the Fricke Museum, shopped till we dropped and went to great restaurants (Becco, Cafe Un, Deux, Trois, and Barbetta), all in the theatre district natch.  We stayed at The Iroquois Hotel.  We had previously stayed there in 1975 on our very first trip to NYC together.  It was a fleabag hotel then and is now one of NYC’s top boutique hotels.  On 44th St. between 5th and 6th it’s perfectly located in the midtown theatre district. If you get a chance to visit NYC, I highly recommend it.

It’s been a tough week to catch up with my recordings, but here are some of the shows I recommend.



Charles III  debuts on PBS tonight.  It hypothesizes what the reign of Prince Charles might be like if his mother ever retires.
Berlin Station will debut later this month on Superchannel.  I watched it earlier this year in the US.  It is murky Berlin espionage at its most challenging.  Richard Armitage stars!

I’m Still Keeping up with…

Genius on National Geographic Channel. Great biography of Alfred Einstein.
The Handmaid’s Tale on Bravo.  This dark dystopian tale about the future is tough to watch.
Harlot on Superchannel is a terrific tale of brothel life in 1763 London.

The White Princess is a television adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s novel about the rise of the House of Tudor on Superchannel.

Billions season finale on HBO came to a close last Sunday with a face off between Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti.
Call the Midwife and Home Fires are Sunday night’s most heartwarming shows on PBS.
Veep is a dark look at US politics on HBO.
Silicon Valley is a whimsical comedy about tech life on HBO.

The Leftovers is the saddest show on TV.  The aftermath of the Rapture continues on HBO.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a joyous review of the week on HBO on Sunday nights.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah skewers the political scene Mon-Thurs on Comedy.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert pokes fun at current events Mon-Fri on CBS.

Better Call Saul is the Breaking Bad prequel that is alternately heart breaking and darkly comedic on AMC
The Americans comes to a suspenseful conclusion on FX.
Fargo continues its noirish tale of midwestern bloodbaths on FX.

Great News is a very silly NBC comedy starring the wonderful Andrea Martin.
Gotham is a silly crime show on Fox showing the rise of Batman and all the villains.
Arrow is a superhero series about a dishy guy who’s awfully good with a bow and arrow on the CW.
The 100 is about attractive young people lost in space on the CW.


Hap and Leonard began its third season on Sundance.  A great story about a mismatched odd couple in Texas in the late 1980’s starring James Purefoy and Michael Kenneth Williams.  This show is addictive and has been described as swamp noir.  There are alligators!  I binged on 8 episodes of Season 1 this past weekend, and Season 3 has just begun!

Closing Words

After getting back to Thornbury this weekend, George and I participated in the men’s and women’s opening events at our golf club.  Because I am such a high handicap golfer I had the great good fortune to be matched up with three wonderful players and we came in third!!!  Unbelievable for me.  The best possible way to play golf (well for me anyhow).  Today we had Mother’s Day visits with our 93 and 98-year-old mothers and my children are going to bring Thai food over for dinner.  A great day for counting our blessings that we still have our mothers in our lives and we are able to celebrate these events with our own children.  A beloved niece called from Costa Rica to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day, so life is very good.  Enjoy the week, whatever you may have planned.



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