Summer Doldrums…

What a great week! Despite a little more rain than I would like, it was a terrific week for dining with friends, community Canada Day events in Thornbury, campfires under the stars, and the best darned fireworks show enjoyed with family. We got to see our kid’s Mastador (part Mastiff/part Labrador) learning to swim after tennis balls in Georgian Bay. He is our grand dog after all, so we are very proud of him. Despite the rain, I managed to sneak in 18 holes of golf at the beautiful Cobble Beach course in Owen Sound as well as 9 holes with my Tuesday ladies in Toronto. Mahjong was pure bliss as we were able to enjoy a spectacular thunderstorm that hovered over my backyard as we experienced it from the safety of my breakfast room.

TV’s a little in the doldrums these days as many series are on hiatus, however, here are some suggestions for you:


The Lost City of Z is a true story of a 20th century adventurer who spends several expeditions in Bolivia looking for a lost city (a contemporary of Hiram Bingham on whom the Indiana Jones stories are based and who discovered the lost city of Machu Picchu). A little slow, but beautifully told. Charlie Hunnam is wonderful in the lead role.

GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is a new series that debuted on Netflix this weekend about lady wrestlers. Truly original and quirkily funny!


Shows you may not have caught up with yet

Younger has begun its 4th season in the US and will air on Showcase later this season. Our heroine’s secret (she’s a 40-something pretending to be a 20-something) is partially out and chips are starting to fall.

Outlander (a time shifting historical fantasy set in the time of the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland) will return to Showcase later this season. A friend asked me why I didn’t write about this show, so I’m including it here.  It is simply the most romantic show that has ever been on TV.  You can catch up with earlier seasons on Netflix if you haven’t managed to find it yet.

Game of Thrones (the show with the dragons) will return to HBO for its 7th season on July 16.  If you haven’t watched yet, I believe you can screen earlier seasons on demand.  This is must-see viewing for my family, however, I believe most of my peers are not so keen on this medieval fantasy genre, but we are enthralled by it.  This is going to be a very short season of only 7 episodes as the series writers have now caught up with the source material in the novels.  Season 8 will be the last season.



Ahhh… I am looking forward to tonight’s all British lineup of My Mother and Other Strangers (period nostalgia) at 8, Grantchester (dishy vicar in a small town) at 9, and Prime Suspect: Tennison at 10 (a prequel to the Helen Mirren series).


Sunday Night with Megan Kelly at 7 is about to air its third show. Kelly goes head to head with the venerable 60 Minutes on CBS with an investigative journalism show that is awfully similar in format and style. I did enjoy her early segments on Vladimir Putin and Alex Jones, so I’m willing to see how she does.  She must be getting quite a chuckle out of the latest Trump tweet madness on the theme of ladies who bleed too much.


Downward Dog (this was on the schedule on Tuesdays at 8) has two more episodes that should have aired even though the series has been cancelled, so stay tuned. I am very sad as I loved this show narrated by a talking dog with soulful eyes named Martin.  Sad.  You may have to look for it by streaming.


Preacher has begun its second season and will air new episodes on a Monday nights at 10. Totally crazy, this is a comic book based series that you will either love or hate. Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga star.


It’s a holiday weekend in North America, so little new programming is happening. You might want to catch this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight at 11 with John Oliver as he should have some choice words about Trump’s declining mental state.


For those of you able to access this show by streaming, Animal Kingdom (Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman) is a wild ride with a California crime family led by an amoral and avaricious grandma. Ellen Barkin is mesmerizing in the lead role. It will appear on Bravo later this season. You can catch up on Netflix with Season 1, if you haven’t managed to watch this series yet.


Zoo has begun its third season on Thursdays as summer programming. Totally silly with cheesy special effects, but for some reason, I can’t look away from this ridiculous show.

Political Comedy

Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert are on holidays. Bill Maher is also taking holidays (the whole month of July). Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs a new show on Comedy Wed. At 10:30. The President Show (Thurs at 11:30 on Comedy following Trevor Noah) also seems to be on hiatus. Slim pickings!!  I may have to turn to CNN and MSNBC for my comic relief.

Zen Moment

So looking forward to CBS Sunday Morning today as it gives me a gentle push into a new week. Today’s segments include John Mellencamp, the Grand Canyon, Summer Music, Storm Chasers, flowers in Tombstone, Arizona, Herman Wouk, Watermelons, Goats in Trees in Morocco. Can’t wait to be soothed and inspired.

Closing Words

We are off to see Bob Dylan at the Air Canada Centre this week! Our nieces and nephew and family and our children are dining with us for a mini-reunion in Toronto. This is a big deal as one niece is flying in from LA and another is struggling to make it home after 7 months in Costa Rica.  It has been a lovely holiday weekend with our children visiting us in Thornbury.  Backyard BBQ’s and frolics in the pool and hot tub.  Sunset walks to the pier and a visit to the ice cream parlour on our street.  What could be better?  Enjoy your week and these magnificent long summer days. Just remember to take an umbrella.


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