Streaming up a storm!

It has been a very busy week. I hosted a coffee party for our Georgian Bay Club Thursday morning lady golfers and I hosted a 75th birthday dinner for a dear friend and neighbour. I attended a local art show yesterday and bought a piece of art for our Toronto condo. A local artist also completed a project for our Thornbury front hall.
You can see both paintings here:




On the Big Screen

We didn’t make it to any of the summer movies this past week, but Dunkirk and War for the Planet of the Apes are both on our must see list this summer.


Animal Kingdom (this series originates on TNT in the US) is hurtling through its second season of mayhem. Ellen Barkin is terrifying as a murderous matriarch who runs her crime family with an iron fist in idyllic Southern California.
Younger (this series originates on TVLand in the US) is now in its third season and continues the story of a 41-year-old (played by Broadway star Sutton Foster) pretending to be 26 in a publishing world that is ruled by millennials.
The Zookeeper’s Wife is a very sweet true life tale of the efforts of a Polish couple to save Jews while they struggle to run the crumbling Warsaw Zoo. Touching in a Schindler’s List kind of way, this couple was honoured by Israel as Righteous Gentiles for their work in saving hundreds of Jews from the death camps.
Colossal is a very peculiar little sci fi film starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. They play two individuals who share a strange kinship with monsters that are rampaging through Seoul, Korea. Indescribable!!
The Bureau (this series originates on IFC in the US) is a French espionage series that is set in Paris, where the directorate for the French secret service is located . Fraught with suspense, this series is more le Carre than Bond. In fact, in one scene, the hero takes a beating rather than pulling out his martial arts skills so that his cover as a French teacher won’t be blown. You will learn a lot about spycraft watching this very understated but compelling series. If you are a Dan Silva fan, you will enjoy the settings of intrigue in Iran and Syria and the involvement of the US and Russian spy agencies. I just binged on the 10-episode first season and have begun watching season 2.

Coming soon

The second season of the hilarious sitcom People of Earth premieres on TBS July 24 so will be available for streaming in Canada after that.



I keep tuning in to Baroness Von Sketch (Tuesdays) and am looking forward to the July 31 debut of 21 Thunder with Colm Feore.


Midnight, Texas (debuts July 24). From Charlaine Harris of True Blood fame.  Monsters abound!


Somewhere Between  (debuts July 24). Uh oh. Time travel is involved, one of my least favourite genres:  A serial killer strikes close to home for a news producer, who gets to go back in time one week prior to the string of murders.  A woman tries to change fate (that never ends well) and stop a killer.  Good luck with this summer series!


Game of Thrones debuted for its penultimate season last week. Looks like this season belongs to the women vying to sit on the Iron Throne.
This Drug May Kill You is a heartbreaking and eye opening documentary about the opioid crisis and the toll it is taking on families in the US. Watch it on demand.


Preacher (Mondays) gets crazier and crazier.
Loaded (Mondays) is a very odd British series about a group of techies who sell their video game for millions. Kind of a British Silicon Valley.


Salvation (Wednesdays) I think I have given up on this one. Too much romance, not enough scenes of the asteroid approaching earth. I swear it’s killing my brain cells.


Nashville (Thursdays) has descended into pure corn.  Juliette has returned to her evil manipulative ways.  Scarlett is once again a walking nervous breakdown.



Suits (Wednesdays) Why can’t I just quit this one?  Harvey, Mike, Donna, Rachel, sometimes Jessica, and last, but most annoying, Lewis.  Geez, on last week’s episode the fact that Mike posed as a lawyer with no legal training finally came into play during a weirdly unengaging pro bono case against an insurance company.  The agony continues!


Sunday nights PBS rules with British series Grantchester and Remember Me.  Pure bliss.


Comic Relief

There have been new episodes of The Late Show (nightly on CBS) with Stephen Colbert (this past week featured his Russian adventure), The Daily Show (Mon-Fri on Comedy) with Trevor Noah, Full Frontal (Wednesday on Comedy) with Samantha Bee, Jim Jeffries (Tuesdays on Comedy)  and The President Show (Thursdays on Comedy). These shows keep me sane.

Zen Moments on TV

My absolute favourite is CBS Sunday Morning which I am about to indulge in.  I also love Fareed Zakaria on CNN, and all of PBS’s public affairs programming, especially Frontline and NOVA.  Tonight Vice on HBO does a special episode:  an examination of US foreign policy and how post-Cold War alliances have shifted which features conversations with diplomats, politicians and scholars.

The Week Ahead

Looking forward to a week that includes visits with family, golf, mahjong and perhaps a summer movie.  My son David is coming to stay next weekend for the Elvis Festival, so I look forward to hosting him.  So far today, the rain is holding off, so enjoy this beautiful summer weather, no matter what your plans entail.


3 thoughts on “Streaming up a storm!

  1. I think the vicar on Grantchester is acting more and more like his character on Happy Valley. Enjoy the weekend.


  2. No question that Sidney has a very dark side. We would call his alcoholism PTSD nowadays, I think. Actually, you probably are an expert on that sort of thing.


  3. Good point about the PTSD! I’m still wondering why he didn’t marry his love when she was available. Maybe it’s a British thing Charles and Camilla anyone?


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