Naples paradise continues…

Instinct – I am not sure I like this show on CBS Sundays which premiered last week; a former CIA operative (Alan Cumming from The Good Wife), who has since built a “normal” life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose; the pilot episode was appallingly lame

Counterpart – on STARZ Sundays; mysterious miniseries set in a parallel universe Berlin
Homeland – on Showtime Sundays; we’re in Washington now and the President sees enemies everywhere; just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that everyone isn’t out to get you
Here and Now – on HBO Sundays; a less maudlin version of This is Us

The Walking Dead – now in its 8th season on AMC Sundays; the survivors still face a harrowing world where everyone is out to get them

The Chi – on Showtime Sundays; this series explores life on the south side of Chicago; if you were a fan of The Wire, you will love this series which completed its first season last week and will continue to be available on demand

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – on HBO Sundays; Oliver gives his sardonic twist to today’s events

IZombie – on The CW Mondays; a comedic series where zombies are generally the good guys
The Resident – on Fox Mondays; a medical procedural with a great cast

The Alienist – on TNT Mondays; olde time police procedural with a great cast
The Good Doctor – on ABC Mondays; a medical procedural with a twist – our lead character is an autistic doctor!

Unreal – on Lifetime Mondays; although I’ve never watched a single episode of The Bachelor, this parody does explore the machinations behind reality TV; I do enjoy its rather venal take on Hollywood

Rise – very sweet show on NBC Tuesdays; watch it if you love musical series set in a high school; it is extraordinarily reminiscent of Friday Night Lights, the show about high school football in a small Texas town  which I absolutely loved and still miss; full disclosure: I started life as a high school theatre arts teacher, and there couldn’t be a show I would be more naturally inclined to admire, so I will give this new series my full attention

The X-Files – on Fox Wednesdays; last week’s episode was the last of the season; very sweet and affectionate considering it dealt with the pursuit of their child William; do Mulder and Scully have a happily ever after?

Riverdale – on the CW Wednesdays; not your granny’s Archie Comics as sex, violence and intrigue abounds

9-1-1 – on Fox Wednesdaysmedical/legal/firefighter procedural all rolled into one show about LA’s emergency services operations; very entertaining and superb cast including Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, Connie Britton; this series completed its debut season last week but episodes will continue to be available on demand

Designated Survivor – on ABC Wednesdays; ludicrous political suspense series featuring a totally unqualified man suddenly elevated to the position of President of the US; like that could actually happen?

The Assassination of Gianni Versace – on FX Wednesdays; dark and sad exploration of the events around this murder; finished its season last week but will continue to be available on demand

Corporate – on Comedy Central Wednesdays; hilarious parody of corporate life

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee – on TBS Wednesdays; Bee’s comedic take on current events

Gotham – on Fox Thursdays; now in its 4th season, this very gothic series explores the beginnings of the Batman story; I am a huge fan of Ben McKenzie since his breakout role on The O.C. and then Southland, so I take real pleasure in this campy show which shows the back stories of all the DC characters in the Batman comics

Real Time with Bill Maher – on HBO Fridays; great panels discuss current events

Strike Back – airs new episodes on Cinemax Fridays; mayhem abounds as a special ops team from British military intelligence completes high risk missions around the globe

Saturday Night Live – on NBC Saturdays; now in its 43rd season, this venerable comedy/variety series still keeps chugging along capturing the zeitgeist of our times; there was a very clever CBC satire on last week’s episode hosted by Bill Hader (the word “sorry” was overused to hilarious effect)

Shows that keep me sane

CBS Sunday Morning – on CBS Sundays; the news show that does personal interest pieces and has done since 1979; anything from interviews with actors political figures, athletes, musicians, etc. This show continually informs and inspires.  Very soothing in these turbulent times.

The Comedians (Stephen Colbert on CBS nightly; Trevor Noah on Comedy Central M-Th; Jimmy Kimmel on ABC nightly; Seth Meyers on NBC nightly; James Corden on CBS nightly; Samantha Bee on TBS Wednesdays, Bill Maher on HBO Fridays). Some times you just have to laugh at the madness around us as these satirists poke fun at current events.

Closing Words

It’s going to be a busy week here. Today we’re having our street party for our block and the next one over. Company arrives on Monday for the week and we will be taking them to various spots for excursions and nights out. Wednesday we are gathering for a farewell drink for a neighbour who is moving to a nearby subdivision for a bigger house and garage. Time is quickly ticking away as we count down our last three weeks. Oh no….

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