Unexpected change of plans…

This past week ended up being a crazy week for us which resulted in our leaving Thornbury prematurely to head back to Toronto.  George’s mother went by ambulance to hospital following a fall and we raced back to the city to meet her in the emergency department. We’re still waiting for more test results and they are observing her for possible heart ailments. In light of that, I am a little discombobulated re recommendations for your viewing pleasure but I will do my best. I will try to concentrate on programming that may have escaped your attention.


Killing Eve This terrific BBC series is airing now on BBC America and will come to Bravo later this season. It stars Canadian actress Sandra Oh as an MI6 operative on the trail of a Russian serial killer. Both the cat and mouse in this spy tale are women! Here’s an article from the NYTimes about this great series:


Safe I am still enjoying this British series about a teenager who has disappeared, but I must admit, Michael C. Hall’s British accent is beginning to grate on me.  The series is set in Manchester, but most of the characters speak as though they are from London.  Hall has chosen a Contemporary Received Pronunciation accent and he does wobble a bit almost veering into Cockney at times. Why wouldn’t they just hire a Brit? Better than Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins though!
Seven Seconds This 10-episode Netflix original suspense series begins when tensions run high between African American citizens and Caucasian cops in Jersey City when a teenage African American boy is critically injured by a cop.  I can’t believe they are going to take 10 episodes to tell this story as we already know who the perpetrator and victim are.  Interesting casting as one of my favourite Aussie actors David Lyons (Revolution) has been cast as the villainous head of the narcotics squad. I honestly don’t know if I will stay with this one as the first episode was very grim to watch.


Loudermilk This 10 episode comedy series centers on Sam Loudermilk (Ron Livingston), a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counsellor with a bad attitude.  I did watch all 10 episodes of Season 1 in two days, so that’s how much I enjoyed this one.


A Dangerous Son This documentary follows three families, each coping with a child affected by serious emotional or mental illness.  The families explore treatment opportunities and grapple with the struggle of living with their child’s condition.  Heartbreaking.
CB Strike This week will feature the premiere of a new 8-episode  BBC series based on JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith novels the Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm and Career of Evil. War veteran turned private detective Cormoran Strike solves brutal murders with the help of his trusted assistant Robin Ellacott.  Ooh a new British suspense series to devour!
Westworld Season 2 is action packed and complex.  The robots are revolting! Put away that electronic device and give it your full attention!
Sweetbitter I am loving this 6-episode series about a young woman who learns how crazy it is to work in a restaurant in NYC.
Vida I am loving this 7-episode series about two sisters in East LA.
Billions The cat and mouse game between US Attorney and Hedge Fund King continues in its third season.
Patrick Melrose This 5-episode miniseries is based on the Parrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn.  Benedict Cumberbatch delivers his usual tour-de-force performance as a man who survives childhood sexual abuse to become a world class addict in maturity.

The CW

The 100  and IZombie I love both of these series which are aimed at a much younger demographic.  They are both fun escapist guilty pleasure series.


The Good Fight Great show about a struggling law firm. Sequel to The Good Wife.


Hard Sun This 6-episode suspense miniseries from the BBC tells the story of two detectives with opposing viewpoints who are forced to work together in a pre-apocalyptic criminal world.
The Handmaid’s Tale Dark and post-apocalyptic tale of a future where women are enslaved to bear children for their sterile overseers.  Harrowing!
Imposters Great show about con artists.


Legion This series is now so seriously bat shit crazy that even Dan Stevens’ dreamy blue eyes are no longer a sufficient draw for me.
The Americans There is only one episode left in this amazing 6-season series.  The FBI is closing in on Elizabeth and Philip Jennings who are Russian agents firmly embedded in their American covers as an all-American family living in Washington, DC.


Mr. Mercedes Wow, this series from Audience is terribly dark as it tells the story of a psychopathic killer who drives a stolen Mercedes into a crowd and a recently retired detective who tries to bring him down. The great Irish actor Brendan Gleeson and Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful) are engaged in a cat and mouse game that leaves a trail of destruction.


Colony This scifi series is now in its third season.  Aliens have invaded and taken over various regions in the US.  A resistance rises to fight back.
The Expanse This scifi series is now in its third season.  Earth and Mars are at war and there is a mysterious weapon being developed whose capacity for destruction is unprecedented.

Comic Relief

Still enjoying my favourite satirists (Colbert, Noah, Maher, Bee, Jeffries, Oliver) who manage to find comedy in the events of the day.

Closing Words

Summer is finally here! Time to dig out those summer clothes, slather on the sunscreen and enjoy the great outdoors. Looking forward to a week of golf, fitness,  and gatherings with friends. I am hoping that my mother-in-law feels better soon as she recovers in hospital. Hugs to all of you facing medical challenges!


2 thoughts on “Unexpected change of plans…

  1. HI Lorraine,

    Sorry about George’s mother. Hope things turn out well for her.

    Enjoyed our 9 holes on Friday…..it was perfect for my first time out this year and not being able to see that well. Started watching Safe after you mentioned it and can’t stop. Kind of addictive.

    Hope to see you soon.


    Sent from my iPad



  2. I hope your mother in law is okay and makes a full recovery!!

    We watched Safe and by the end were underwhelmed. Promising start but very contrived by the end.


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