Ah….The Tony Awards!!

I am eagerly awaiting tonight’s big show The Tony Awards (8 pm on CBS).  They will be hosted by the immensely talented and likeable Josh Groban (Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812) and Sarah Bareilles (Waitress) who both made Broadway debuts in the last couple of years.  There is no single standout show like Hamilton this year, so it will be a great opportunity to see what’s being honoured on Broadway this year without one single show earning most of the awards.  Here are some other recommendations for your viewing pleasure:


A Fantastic Woman This lovely film starring a transgendered actress (played by Daniela Vega) is the Chilean film that won the Best Foreign Film award at the Oscars this year.  It is a wonderful movie about a transgendered woman in Santiago, Chile whose partner dies suddenly of a brain aneurism and who is then plunged into a terrible situation where she is suspected of causing his death and hounded by the police and her partner’s family.  Inspiring and surprising.


Fauda Season 2 George and I watched all 12 episodes of this season in 2 days, so that’s an indication of how addictive this Israeli series is.  The Israeli operatives are Arabic speaking infiltrators in the West Bank of Palestine.  The great irony of this show is that the Israelis and Palestinians are so indistinguishable from each other that they can pass as each other.  In this season, the Palestinians have been studying Hebrew at university and begin to pass as Israelis in their own undercover operations. Mesmerizing!
Marcella Season 2 Last night we watched the first 4 episodes of this British crime series starring a strong female character (Anna Friel) to use Netflix’s own terminology.  There is a serial pedophile/child murderer on the loose.  Here are a couple of articles on Netflix’s tradition of showcasing strong female characters to helm crime series and the Cannes festival’s crime films:
Ali’s Wedding I did enjoy this gentle Australian film about the Melbourne Muslim community.  Look for heartthrob Don Hany (most recently seen as a terrorist in Strike Back) playing a lovable cleric and patriarch.
The Invitation I usually steer clear of suspense films built around people being lured to remote mountain hideaways, but I am following the career of Logan Marshall-Green (striking lookalike to Tom Hardy) so I couldn’t resist this one.  Evil’s afoot!


Pose I can’t imagine there is a huge audience for this series about 1980’s NYC and the vogue phenomenon (celebrated in famous documentary Paris is Burning and Madonna’s song Vogue). Time will tell whether Ryan Murphy’s series is watched by the same audiences who loved Glee, American Horror Story, etc.


Patrick Melrose This 4-part series starred Benedict Cumberbatch as a man so brutally damaged by his pedophile father that he struggles with drug and alcohol addiction his entire life.  I feel more like I survived this miniseries rather than enjoyed it.
The Fourth Estate This great 4-part miniseries is about the NYTimes coverage of Trump’s first year in office.  A celebration of the free press and its dedication to exploring all the news that’s fit to print.
CB Strike I love this miniseries based on Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling’s pseudonym) thrillers.  Great atmospheric detective series based in London.
Vida Wonderful series about two Latina sisters in LA.
Sweetbitter Charming series about a young woman trying to make a living working in a fancy NYC restaurant. Even more poignant in the wake of Anthony Bourdain’s death.


Mr. Mercedes A very scary look at a retired detective’s pursuit of a serial killer.


Imposters This charming and now cancelled series about con artists is drawing to a close.

Recently Returned for new seasons:

Animal Kingdom Season 3 The first 2 episodes of the latest season of this gritty crime series about a family of California miscreants have aired.  Catch up if you dare on Netflix.  Ellen Barkin and Scott Speedman star and both are totally convincing as career criminals heading up their crime family.

Younger Season 5 I love this series about a 40-something passing as a 20-something to get work in the furiously competitive world of publishing in NYC.
Nashville Season 6 The last 8 episodes of this series are now airing. Hurting songs ensue as all the storylines are wound up before the series comes to a permanent end.

Giving up on

I’m now introducing a new heading for shows that I can no longer struggle through either because they are too darned bleak for me or so incomprehensible that I can no longer hang in with them.  This week, my two nominees are Legion and Westworld. I no longer care who does what to whom. There are not enough hours in the day…. Honourable mention goes to Reverie, a series so ludicrous, I only lasted one episode


The usual suspects (Samantha Bee, Colbert, Noah, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jim Jeffries – on hiatus).  They make me smile no matter how dire the news.

Zen Moment

I’m eagerly anticipating this morning’s CBS Sunday Morning as it will highlight this year’s aforementioned Tony Awards.

Closing Words

Today I’m heading to a baby shower for a friend’s daughter.  My life long friends will all be there to celebrate this truly joyous event.  My mother-in-law will shortly be moving into a beautiful assisted living facility in Unionville after a harrowing 3-week stay in hospital. Our fitness group is celebrating the end of another season with a luncheon this week. I am hosting a tea party later this week for my friends and fellow golfers in the Thornbury area.  More mahjong and more golf are in the forecast this week.  On the whole, life is pretty good.  Hugs to those facing serious medical challenges.  Enjoy this wonderful weather wherever you are.



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